Audius exists to put control back in the hands of artists, and to help artists and rights holders better monetize their relationships with fans. Content moderation on Audius follows from this principle - putting owners of copyright in control of how their works are used.

To that end, the Audius network of node operators implements (1) a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) compliant takedown process, by which rightful owners of content can request that infringing copies are removed from the Audius network, and (2) an automated content recognition toolchain to recognize unauthorized content at upload time. The network also aims to prevent repeat infringement.

We take our Terms of Use seriously, and expect everyone in the community to do the same. The network tries to maintain a fair and balanced approach and will remove any content that violates these rules, or applicable law.

One of the processes used by Audius to detect unauthorized uploads has flagged your content. When Audius receives this type of formal notification, you get a strike and the network takes down your audio to comply with applicable laws. If this happens repeatedly, all content on your account and your ability to upload further content will be revoked. In extreme cases, your account could be terminated immediately, without prior warning. If you are the owner of the content, feel free to reach out to to learn about further options.

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