August 4, 2023

What should I know about AI-generated music on Audius?

AI-generated music, or music created by artificial intelligence, has been gaining popularity recently. Audius now allows you to mark your AI-generated songs and attribute them to users whose musical styles have been used as inspiration by the AI. In this support article, we’ll guide you through the process for both artists who allow their styles to be used as inspiration and users who create AI-generated music.

For artists allowing their styles as inspiration:

Opt in via the settings menu: As an artist, you can choose to be included in the list of users that AI-generated tracks can be attributed to in the future. To do so, go to the settings menu on the Audius website and opt in. While Audius itself isn’t currently training models based on users’ musical styles, the Audius API will soon enable anyone to build integrations that use your style as inspiration. Check the Audius API documentation for more information.

For users creating AI-generated music:

Mark a song as AI-generated: To mark a song as generated by AI, click the AI attribution button in the advanced section of the upload form. Flip the toggle and select the artist whose style inspired your song from the drop-down list. Only artists who have opted in via their settings page will appear in this list.

By using AI attribution on Audius, you can give credit to the artists whose styles have inspired your AI-generated tracks and showcase the amazing capabilities of AI in music creation.