July 14, 2023

How to Send Messages on Audius

Hey there! Got questions about Direct Messages (DMs)? This guide will ensure you’re equipped to start chatting with your fellow music lovers on Audius!

What Are Direct Messages (DMs) on Audius?

Direct Messages on Audius are similar to DM features on other social platforms. They allow artists and fans to initiate personal, one-on-one conversations with other users. 

Note: Group chats aren't available at this time.

Controlling Your Inbox Settings

Your inbox settings put you in control of who can start a conversation with you. Adjust these settings on your settings page or by clicking the gear icon on the messages page. Here’s how each setting works:

  • Allow Messages from Everyone - Any Audius user, whether you follow them or not, can start a conversation with you.
  • Messages from People You Follow Only - Only users you follow can start a conversation with you, but you can still reach out to anyone.
  • Messages from Supporters Only - With this setting, only users who’ve tipped you any amount of $AUDIO can start a conversation with you. You can still reach out to anyone.
  • Disable Incoming Messages - This setting disables new conversations, but you can still send messages to others.

Deleting Conversations

You can manage your Audius inbox by deleting entire conversation threads. Keep in mind, this only removes the conversation from your account; the conversation will remain visible to the other user.

Blocking Users

You can block individual users from messaging you. This can be done either from their profile or from within an existing chat. But keep in mind, this won't prevent them from viewing your profile or interacting with your content.

Reporting Abuse

We take user safety seriously. If you experience any abusive behavior or content, please report it within the app from an existing chat or from a user's profile.

Start Messaging!

That’s the basics! You're now ready to take full advantage of Direct Messages on Audius. If you have additional questions, please reach out and let us know.